2017 Online Competition

The online competition is an informal competition which takes place every month. There is set theme for each month and members can only submit one digital image each month. The judge is always a member of the club as the aim is to encourage everyone to enter, no matter what their experience or equipment. It may be seen as fun but the images are always worth a good look. In December the top 3 in each month go forward to an external judge for the Annual Online “awards”. You can see the results in the December gallery below.

January – Street Furniture

February – Trees

March – Food

April – Wheels

May – Abstract

June – Sunsets

July – Monochrome

August – Sea Scapes

September – Macro

October – Boats or Ships

November – Humour

December – Best of the year
(Top images from previous 11 months)

4 comments on “2017 Online Competition
  1. admin says:

    Hi John. No I have yours – and everyone else’s. The two that were appearing were meant to be deleted (they were duplicates) but I unchecked the wrong tickbox (doh). I should have everything sorted this evening.

  2. J Upson says:

    Hi, Steve I uploaded a image for this month’s humour comp and it looks like it has not appeared . Thanks John

  3. John Upson says:

    Are there more images to upload.I submitted a image for April that has not appeared.

    • admin says:

      Hi John. Yes your image did upload fine but I’m really grateful for your question as the only name that came through was “J”! I thought it might be you and I was going to sort it out at the club tomorrow night but now I know I can finish off the work on the gallery and get it all off to the judge. Thanks again, Steve Wright.

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