On-line Competition Entry

This is a page for entering the on-line competition. The monthly themes for 2019 are as follows

January – DrinksFebruary – WoodlandMarch – Furniture
April – Looking DownMay – ArchitectureJune – Roofs
July – Self PortraitAugust – NatureSeptember – The Colour Blue
October – PanoramaNovember – Mobile Phone Images 

The winner each month will receive a certificate.

You can enter the competition by submitting your image here. It couldn’t be simpler! Just follow the instructions below the button. Deadline is normally the 20th of the month.

Remember: An image can only be entered into a competition once, but the same image may be entered into one Clubman competition, one Annual, one Maurice Biglin Flora competition and one Monthly on line competition.

The issues with the Monthly Online Competition image uploader have been fixed (I Think!). If you do have any problems please email your image and details of your issue to the webmaster@wakefieldcameraclub.org.uk email address.

Enter your name and membership no.

  1. Name your file as the title you want e.g. Garden Delight.jpg – no more no less.
  2. Make sure your image is a JPEG, no more than 1024 pixels across and 768 high. The total size must be below 2MB.
  3. Use the “Choose file” button above to locate the image file on your computer (or tablet, or smartphone even) you wish to enter and click the “Open” button.
  4. Enter your name and membership number into the box and then click the “Upload Your Image” button. The website will start uploading the file. At the end of the upload the page will refresh and a message will say the upload was successful.
  5. YOU WILL NOT SEE YOUR IMAGE STRAIGHT AWAY! All the images will be collected until the closing date (normally the 20th of the month) when the websmaster will check each one and add it to the gallery. Only when they have been checked and the deadline for entry has passed will the gallery appear.
  6. If you want you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page – just remember it will be seen by every visitor to the page.

It couldn’t be easier. It means that entries can be received from wherever you are and checked by the webmaster wherever they are! You don’t even have to remember the webmaster’s email address. Why not give it a go.

40 comments on “On-line Competition Entry
  1. Keith Nunns says:

    I’ve uploaded the wrong image for the July 2018 online competition. Can you withdraw that one please so that I can enter the correct one?

    Thank you

  2. Jean Phillips says:

    Just uploaded my entry for the April comp, hope its not too late

  3. Neil Carter says:

    Hi “Down at the docks ” forgot to add my name Neil Carter membership no 550

  4. Chris New says:

    I’ver uploaded a second image for the January “Christmas” image as the first one was too big. I’ve followed the sizing instructions and hope the second image is okay now.



  5. Nigel Hazell says:

    Hi Steve,
    Please ignore first entry for Humour, sent in the wrong version of the image… Sorry.

  6. John Evans says:

    Hi Steve

    Sorry to mess you about but would you please replace my earlier November image with the ‘Maori Greeting’ image posted today?

    kind regards


  7. Sarah Hargreaves says:

    Hi Guys

    I have just entered my online entry for June’s competition ‘Sunsets’, I missed the deadline last night as I was having trouble with my wifi so couldn’t upload. Hope it can still be accepted ?


  8. Neil Carter says:

    HI could you please enter my second image “Sunset at Ladybower”

    Sorry sent the wrong image first

  9. Malcolm says:

    Can you please confirm if my image “gear wheels, steering wheels” has been received OK? it appeared to transmit OK from this end, but I haven’t received an acknowledgment

    • admin says:

      Hi Malcolm. Yes it’s been received fine. Sorry for slight delay as I’ve been away for a couple of days.
      Steve Wright

  10. John Upson says:

    Good Afternoon, I have just been uploading my image for the April “Wheels” Competition and I do not know if the image “Getting up Steam” has successfully uploaded,from my end it appeared to upload before I put all my details in.If there should be a problem would you please let me know so that I may correct any errors, Thanks.

  11. Paul Smith (505) says:

    Hi, I have uploaded an image for the food online comp but I think I’ve left the word ‘web’ on end of title as this is what I had it saved as. If you could delete ‘web’ from the title I could appreciate it, thanks.

  12. Dave Jones (membership no 509) says:

    Hi – I uploaded an entry for the Reflections comp (before the deadline) – it said that it had uploaded OK – but I can’t see it in the published entries.

    Dave Jones

    • admin says:

      Hi David. Sorry for the delay – been a bit busy this last couple of days. I’ve looked but I can’t find your entry anywhere on the system so I don’t know what must have happened. It’s very rare for anything to go wrong. Can you please email it to me as an attachment to wccweb@sgw.me.uk and I’ll see what I can do about it.

  13. Chris New says:

    Hi Steve

    I’ver now got Elements 14. I wish they wouldn’t change all the technical bits, because when resizing to 1024×768 it doesn’t now give “pixels”, it gives “picas” or “points”. So I don’t know if I’ve got the resizing right or not! Please let me know if its wrong, thanks. Cheers. Chris 390

  14. Chris New says:

    Hi Steve

    I’ve sent a panorama in but is the size ok bearing in mind the standard size required doesn’t seem to fit a panoramic?



    • admin says:

      Hi Chris. Your image uploaded fine and all I had to do was a simple resize and everything is fine. This is the first time we’ve had a panorama in the online so it’s a bit of an experiment but I’ll just adjust things at this end until everything is OK for everyone. I can’t allow the final images to be too wide as they won’t fit on some screens then. By the way – did you get home in time?!

  15. Chris New says:

    Please ignore my first attempt today – 16 10 15. My second attempt should be sized ok. Cheers

  16. Nigel Hazell says:

    Hi Steve
    Site not allowing me to upload my image for January. After clicking upload screen changes after a few seconds and says This page can’t be displayed. I’ve tried several times with the same result.
    Regards Nigel

  17. Nigel Hazell says:

    Hi Steve
    For some reason had difficulty uploading tonight – problems with resizing… Think I might have submitted same image twice. Nigel

  18. Trevor Bottomley says:

    Wanted to upload entry for July competition…but what’s happened to the uploader?!

    • admin says:

      Hi there Trevor. Don’t know quite what happened to cause it but just one character has disappeared from the page and caused the issue. I’ve put it right now so all should be OK.

  19. geoff cross says:

    hope I caused no confusion.ive just uploaded a resized pic.as the first attempt didn’t give a success message.

  20. Nigel Hazell says:

    Hi Steve,
    Have resized file down to 1024 (long side). However, I have read the sizing requirements and am now a little confused…Is it better if I send you a larger file?

    • admin says:

      That’s fine Nigel. The normal sizing is 1024 x 768 so what you’ve done is spot on. I increased the upload file size just in case anyone accidentally submitted an image without resizing it. In the past that image would have been discarded but now it’s accepted onto the site and then I resize it myself. As you can imagine, if everyone does it right like you it reduces my workload considerably! By the way, I like the pic. Cheers, Steve

  21. Jack Bunn says:

    Hi Steve please let me know if my entry has arrived. Regards Jack.

  22. Chris New says:

    Steve. i’ve just sent an entry in then realised the size may be wrong, tried to resize in Elements and it isn’t working for me. Sorry. Can it be resized at your end or otherwise bin it if need be! Cheers. Chris

  23. Malcolm says:

    Steve, please can you confirm receipt of my entry for statues? – Thanks

    • admin says:

      Sorry Malcolm but I don’t have it. You can email it to me directly or try again. I’ll be at the club tonight if you need to talk it through. Cheers Steve.

  24. Paul Smith says:

    Hi, could you let me know if my file for January online comp uploaded ok as I didn’t get any ‘upload successful’ message.

  25. geoff cross says:

    would be nice to know whos pics they were.is it possible to show ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Geoff. I’ve created a new gallery in the Competitions Gallery (Click on Image Galleries/Competition Winners and then select 2013 Online in the table). You’ll find the gallery in the November section at the bottom with all the names etc.. The gallery on the upload page will only be there for judging really, and then cleared ready for the next month. However it’s been left at the moment as there isn’t a competition in December, but I’ll clear it soon to avoid any confusion. Cheers. Steve Wright, Webmaster.

  26. Michelle Howell says:

    Hi Steve,
    i’ve also just sent in another resized entry for this comp! Michelle.

  27. Chris New says:

    Hi Steve. I’ve altered my entry, sent just now, to 750 pixels wide. Please let me know if it received ok. Cheers. Chris. 7/11/13

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris. Entry received OK – no problems. The 750 is really just the minimum to do it justice. I tend to resize large ones down to 1024 on their longest side.

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