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The Best Digital Images of the Year 2017

On Monday evening of 2nd October the club had the judging for the Annual Digital Projected Image Competition. Although there are many competitions, each with their own rules, throughout the year, there are two competitions reserved for the end of the year where

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Small scale winners announced.

The subject for the September online competition was “Macro” so gone were the wide expanses of the seascapes of August and in came a world in miniature. The judge this month was Robert Bilton so he had to get his

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Round 4 of 2017 Clubman judged

Last night saw the judging of the 4th Clubman competition which was an open category – that means anything goes. Over 35 prints and 48 DPI’s were taken through their paces by Leeds Judge, Jim Edwards. Jim not only critiqued

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Message in a bottle – Seascape Results Wash In

Hi everyone. The subject for the August online competition was “Seascapes” and some very tranquil shots were submitted for judging so Steve A Wood must have had a very peaceful time reviewing them all (I think not!). Images varied from the

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July Online results – It’s all shades of grey!

The subject of July’s online competition was “Monochrome” and it attracted a sizeable entry. There’s something about a monochrome image that can have a real impact – perhaps it still leaves something to the imagination or perhaps nostalgia or then

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Results of the BMW Competition (at last!)

If everyone can remember back in March we had a really good evening out at Sandal BMW spending the evening photographing their beautifully prepared cars. A small competition was announced and entries received. Unfortunately Greg Stainton from Sandal BMW has

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Judging in triplicate please!

On the evening of 17th July the judging of the annual Triptych Competition was held. John Atkinson was the judge with the task of not simply picking the best image but having to decide on which set of three worked

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Sunset winners

The topic for the online competition for June was “Sunsets” and it’s clear quite a few people like looking westward when in other parts of the world. Exotic locations doesn’t really cover it! All seemed to have a very peaceful

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There’s life in those stills!

On the evening of Monday 5th June there was the judging of the third round of the Clubman Trophy. There are five rounds each year for members (two Open and three Themed) comprising both Print and Digital categories. Tonight’s round was themed

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Abstract Results!

The subject for the May online competition was “Abstracts” and that had plenty of people scratching their heads. How abstract can it be? How often do you go out to shoot an abstract? Well a goodly number had a go

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