Month: September 2017

The Club “On The Town” in Leeds

The evening of 25th September saw a goodly (or motley?) crew of about 15 members gather in Leeds for an evening of twilight and night photography. The weather gods weren’t overly generous this time with a cloudy, misty sort of

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Complete – Switching to a Secure Website

01OCT17 @ 06:50  Switching to a Secure Website   The installation of an SSL Certificate to the club website seems to have completed ok, we are now using the latest recommendations for website security so it now time to update

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It’s a Small World in September

The subject for the September online competition was “Macro” so gone were the wide expanses of the seascapes of August and in came a world in miniature. Popular subjects were, as always, flowers and insects with only a couple of

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A lights night with a bit of muscle!

On the evening of Monday 18th September John Gardner presented the latest of his regular series of “Lights Nights” from our own professional photographer John Gardner. It is a practical evening where John comes along with lighting and model(s) to

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Round 4 of 2017 Clubman judged

Last night saw the judging of the 4th Clubman competition which was an open category – that means anything goes. Over 35 prints and 48 DPI’s were taken through their paces by Leeds Judge, Jim Edwards. Jim not only critiqued

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Informal discussion/critique evening and Adobe Lightroom

This evening was a good Clubman affair, starting off with the principles of Lightroom and how to use some of its features Robert Bilton showed us his interpretation of first stop editing. This was a well presented dialogue with good

Message in a bottle – Seascape Results Wash In

Hi everyone. The subject for the August online competition was “Seascapes” and some very tranquil shots were submitted for judging so Steve A Wood must have had a very peaceful time reviewing them all (I think not!). Images varied from the

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