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Me, Myself, I – Self-Portraits are the order of the day in July’s Online Competition

The subject for the July online was “Self Portrait” which could be interpreted in any way the entrant saw fit and there was a lot of creativity on show. The number of entries was a bit down but maybe our

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A Visual Feast of Creative Photography

On the evening of Monday 10th June a full house of members and visitors thoroughly enjoyed a presentation by Dianne Owen FRPS on Creative Photography. Dianne became interested in photography at an early age when her uncle showed her the

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City Lights shine brightly

On the evening of 29th October a large audience of members were present at a fascinating talk by Dave Butcher entitled “City Lights”. Dave is one of what is nowadays a rare brand of photographers using exclusively film – indeed

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Steve Howdle & Stephanie Thornton on Models

On the evening of Monday 42nd July the camera club hosted a talk given by Steve Howdle and Stephanie Thornton entitled “Everything you need to know about model photography”. In the first half Steve and Stephanie went over their backgrounds

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A Light’s Night With LED’s

On the evening of Monday 25th June John Gardner, our own professional photographer, presented the latest of his regular series of “Lights Nights”. It is a practical evening where John comes along with lighting and model(s) to demonstrate on how

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Using The Light

This evening was a purely print night with the presenters Roger and Judith Parry from Smethwick Camera Club using their prints to illustrate the theme “Using the Light”. As might be gathered from the title the lighting of photographic subjects,

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Postcard from America….. and quiz

Hi. As many may realise I am currently away from webmaster duty and on holiday in the USA in the Rocky Mountains.  Ian is holding the fort (and probably doing a better job than me!). From a photographic point of

Stolen equipment

I don’t normally use the website for reporting stolen goods but I am making an exception this time. I have received an email from a professional photographer in Leeds reporting that a lot of his gear has been stolen and

Annual DPI Results Correction

Hi all. I have to admit a slip of the fingers on the keyboard with the previous post about the results of the Annual Digital Projected Image Competition. I incorrectly attributed the Commended image “Earth Girl” to Sally Sallett when

A Welcome Return For Richard Egan

The evening of 9th October saw a large audience provide a very welcome return to the club for Richard Egan. Richard has been a photographer for 35 years and has photographed most things although he finds nature one of the

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