Competitions Schedule

Competitions form an essential part of the clubs activities. You don’t have to enter them but they can be lots of fun and are a great way to learn. Every competition has its own rules so it’s best to read up on them first. You’ll find the rules for each one using the “Competitions” menu above. Images of the winners for each one are to be found on the galleries menu.

Please use our contact form to ask any questions about these competitions.

The schedule of competitions for 2020 is shown below. 

3rd February 20201st Clubman Competition- Street LifeWakefield CC20th January 2020
10th February 2020Mersea Island CompetitionWakefield CC
6th April 20202nd Clubman Competition - OpenWakefield CC16th March 2020
18th May 20204 Clubs Competition
3rd June 20203rd Clubman Competition - Still LifeWakefield CC18th May 2020
15th June 2020The Maurice Biglin Wildflower Print Competition
The Maurice Biglin Wildflower Digital Projected Image Competition
Wakefield CC3rd June 2020
6th July 2020The David Lockton ChallengeWakefield CC22nd June 2020
13th July 2020The Triptych Print Competition
The Triptych Digital Projected Image Competition
Wakefield CC29th June 2020
7th September 20204th Clubman Competition - OpenWakefield CC17th August 2020
28th September 2020The Annual Applied Digital Projected Image Competition
The Annual Open Digital Projected Image Competition
Wakefield CC7th September 2020
21st October 20205th Clubman Competition - WildlifeWakefield CC5th October 2020
30th November 2020 The Annual Applied Print Competition
The Annual Open Print Competition
Wakefield CC16th November 2020