Competition Rules

Competitions form an essential part of the clubs activities. You don’t have to enter them but they can be lots of fun and are a great way to learn. Every competition has its own rules so it’s best to gen up on them first. You’ll find this year’s rules for each one in the table below – simply click on the name of the competition and you will be taken to a document showing the rules for it. You can print them out but please be aware that they can change at an Annual General Meeting, so make sure you have the rules for the current year. Each competition is scheduled before the start of the year and you can find that schedule below the rules table. If you have any questions about the competitions or wish to submit prints and/or images then contact the relevant Competitions Secretary. Their contact details can be found on the Committee page or by clicking here.

Images of the winners for each one this year (and previous years)  are to be found here.

Simply click on the name of the competition in the table below and a PDF document showing its rules will open.

Rule No.Competition
1The Clubman Trophy Competition
2The Annual Open Print Competition
3The Annual Applied Print Competition
4The Annual Open Digital Projected Image Competition
5The Annual Applied Digital Projected Image Competition
6The Maurice Biglin Wildflower Print Competition
7The Maurice Biglin Wildflower Digital Projected Image Competition
8The Monthly Online Competition
9The Triptych Print Competition
10The Triptych Digital Projected Image Competition
11The David Lockton Challenge