Monthly On-Line Competition

Rule 11 The On-Line Monthly Competition

  • Each member may submit one (1) jpeg image each month by uploading the image to the website, using the upload facility on the “On-Line Competition Entry Page”. The image may be uploaded at any time from the 1st to the 20th of each month. The file size must be less than 5MB and the preferred image size is a maximum of 1024 pixels wide and/or a maximum of 768 pixels high. HOWEVER if entrants have difficulty in resizing their entry then they should upload their entry without resizing and the webmaster will resize them to fit the preferred dimensions.
  • Certificate – The author of the winning image will receive a winners certificate.
  • The image title should be simply that – the title you wish the entry to have. The entrant must enter their name and membership number in the appropriate box on the On-Line Competition Entry page, before clicking the “upload your image” button. The image will be posted on a Monthly Competition Page on our web site, from the 22nd of the month (or as soon as is practical). Each competition will be themed and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd selected by the judge at the end of the month. Individual marks will not be given.
  • The December competition will be restricted to only those images that have been placed in the other monthly competitions that year and a Medal (or other suitable permanent memento) will be awarded to the winner of that competition. An external judge will be appointed to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd from the December competition.
  • A theme will be selected in advance by the members for each monthly competition (not December). A different experienced club member will be asked to judge the competition each month (they may not enter the month they are judging).
  • No Member may enter this competition unless they have paid their annual subscription.
  • All Images submitted to this Club competition must have been photographed by the entrant. Third party processing is allowed but any manipulation of images must be the work of the author.
  • An image can only be entered into a competition once, but the same image may be entered into one Clubman competition, one Annual, one Maurice Biglin competition, one A4 informal novice print competition or one informal novice digital competition as well as this competition.
  • It is the responsibility of the Competition Secretary and/or Treasurer to ensure that both new and existing members are aware of the Competition Rules and any Amendments to the Rules by publishing the Rules and any Amendments on the Club Website or, on request from any member, provide a printed copy of the Rules or any Amendment.

The themes for 2017 are as follows

January – Street Furniture February – Trees March – Food
April – Wheels May – Abstract June – Sunsets
July – Monochrome August – Sea Scapes September – Macro
October – Boats or Ships November – Humour