On-line Competition Entry

This is a page for entering the on-line competition. The monthly themes for 2019 are as follows

January – DrinksFebruary – WoodlandMarch – Furniture
April – Looking DownMay – ArchitectureJune – Roofs
July – Self PortraitAugust – NatureSeptember – The Colour Blue
October – PanoramaNovember – Mobile Phone Images 

The winner each month will receive a certificate.

You can enter the competition by submitting your image here. It couldn’t be simpler! Just follow the instructions below the button. Deadline is normally the 20th of the month.

Remember: An image can only be entered into a competition once, but the same image may be entered into one Clubman competition, one Annual, one Maurice Biglin Flora competition and one Monthly on line competition.

For confirmation receipt
This should match the filename – Winning Image
The filename should be the same as the image name – Winning Image.jpg. The maximum file size is 4Mb.
Please add any comments you may have about using this form, any feedback you have on the website or the amount you are willing to pay the judge!

If you have any problems using this form please email the webmaster@wakefieldcameraclub.org.uk