AutumnWhat caught my eye was the wonderful pastel colours of the leaves. The image is well exposed and sharp from edge to edge. A Seal Amongst the Fishing BoatsAn interesting image, I am not sure why it is shown at an angle. I think if the image was rotated and more tightly cropped by removing the harbour wall it would be a much stronger image and give more emphasis to the seal. Wasp Beetle (Clytus Aristide)An excellent image of a Wasp Beetle, I especially like the strong contrast between the beetle and red flower which really makes it stand out. While the image is a little soft there is still sufficient definition to make out parts of the beetle. CommutingLooks like the typical morning commute to work. The image has been well captured and perfectly exposed. My only suggestion would be a tighter crop to remove some of the railway lines, this would focus the eye more on the passengers …

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Have you started thinking abut the first Clubman of 2020, your Street Life images are due on the 20th January, that is just 8-weeks away so there is no time to waste. To help you plan the rest of the year the syllabus for 2020 is below, it looks like we are in for a cracking year. You can view the syllabus online or download a copy so you can keep it close by for easy reference and we will be updating the online calendar in the coming weeks so you can also get the syllabus automagically onto your computers and mobile devices.

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On Monday evening of 25th November the club had the judging for the Annual Print Competition. Although there are many competitions, each with their own rules throughout the year, there are two competitions reserved for the end of the year where members can enter what they consider is their best work of the year, even if it has been entered for the other competitions. These are the Annual Digital Projected Image and the Annual Print Competitions. On that basis these can be seen as the “best of the best”. For some of us printers, this is the big one…  … it’s the culmination of a year’s work; processing, printing and perusing – then going back and repeating the whole business. Or that’s how it seems to be with me.  In this competition there are two categories – Applied and Open. Unlike the Digital Projected Image competition, this one places an extra demand on the photographer – that of printing to a …

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Quick! Beat the judge and pick you favourite from this months entries into the online competition.

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On the evening of Monday 18th November a packed room was treated to John Gardner’s Annual Retrospective evening. John is a highly regarded professional photographer who works both locally and nationally. He is a keen and very knowledgeable naturalist and has been a member of Wakefield Camera Club for many years. Each year he gives a visual retrospective over his photographic year – both work and pleasure. They are always eagerly anticipated and tonight was no exception. In a change to previous years, John chose not to produce his normal slideshow. He claimed he hadn’t done a great deal this year – however his images showed otherwise! With his professional hat on John mostly shoots people and commercial work but his first love is nature photography. So it was that he started the evening with a marvellous collection of images of mainly birds and insects. He had been bought a moth trap as a present and to date has collected over …

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The evening of Monday 11th November saw the club have another very successful auction night and there was a good attendance to see what bargains were on offer this year. Peter Wells was our auctioneer this evening and he had a very eclectic mix of lots to sell. There was a throng of members poring over the lots before the auction began in earnest and what a selection there was – everything including camera bags, books, tripods, filters, games, DVD’s, lamps, remote triggers, wifi extenders, a graphics tablet and even an A3 printer. A lot of this was donated where all the proceeds went to the club funds, although some were being sold “on commission” with the commission going to the club funds. Peter worked very hard selling the lots. Bidding at times was quite competitive at times. There was lots of fun to be had with the various items with some suggestions being made as to who may “benefit” from …

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