Reality is Overrated

Reality is Overrated

“I have no interest in reality! If I want to see reality, I have only to open my eyes every morning. I want more. We don’t have to fit in a box if the box doesn’t suit us” – Catherine Knee

Wakefield Camera Club members and guests gathered to spend the evening with Catherine Knee for a gentle start with some costumed portraiture, and to then wind our way through the sinister and surreal and end up with contemporary artistic images.

From Catherine’s website “I call myself a photographic artist, because although my work starts in camera, with photographs that I have taken myself, they don’t always end up as straight images. I use my own photos and don’t use stock images to create my composite works. I am hugely liberal with post processing, and a high proportion of my work finishes up looking nothing like a natural photograph. To me, my camera is a tool for making images, and so, equally, is my computer and software. At the end of production, I want an image that I love, and if that happens in camera, that’s great, and if it doesn’t, that is also great. I am inspired by the boldness of Brooke Shaden’s work and the slight hint of darkness and surrealism in her work. After a workshop with Brooke, I was, and am, hugely motivated to blaze my own trail and do what I love best, leaving a legacy for my family. I am also inspired, after a talk by Claire Armitage, to be brave, be bold, and not be afraid to invest myself fully even if it may leave me vulnerable and exposed. Nat Coalson is another inspiration to me, proving you can be a creative and also have sound business sense. And of course, there is Glyn Dewis, the very first photographer to inspire me.

It was a very varied evening ranging from images for club competition entry through to some that create shock and promote discussion. No bears were hurt. You can see some of Catherine’s work in the gallery below or visit her website for a closer look.

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