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Portraits to the fore with John Gardner

On Monday 25th March our “resident” professional John Gardner gave one of his excellent presentations. However before he had chance to get going, Steve Wood, our president made a presentation to John to express the thanks of the club for

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A Lights Night With A Difference

On the evening of Monday 7th January we had one of John Gardner’s Lights Nights but this time with some very different models – David Kershaw and Nigel Hazell our outgoing and incoming secretaries! In actual fact the model John

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John Gardner vs. the drips (it’s over in a flash!)

On Monday evening 15th October an eager audience of members at Brookhouse was treated to an evening of very practical demonstration and instruction by John Gardner. His subjects for the evening were a response to requests from members so they

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Steve Howdle & Stephanie Thornton on Models

On the evening of Monday 42nd July the camera club hosted a talk given by Steve Howdle and Stephanie Thornton entitled “Everything you need to know about model photography”. In the first half Steve and Stephanie went over their backgrounds

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A Light’s Night With LED’s

On the evening of Monday 25th June John Gardner, our own professional photographer, presented the latest of his regular series of “Lights Nights”. It is a practical evening where John comes along with lighting and model(s) to demonstrate on how

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An enlightening evening that was not over in a flash!

Members of Wakefield Camera Club were given a practical demonstration of using flash photography when photographing people and portraits.  John Gardner, one of the clubs resident professional photographers, stepped into the syllabus at the late notice and provided an insight

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A lights night with a bit of muscle!

On the evening of Monday 18th September John Gardner presented the latest of his regular series of “Lights Nights” from our own professional photographer John Gardner. It is a practical evening where John comes along with lighting and model(s) to

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The 2015 John Gardner Retrospective

It doesn’t seem a year since John Gardner, professional photographer and club member, gave everyone his last “Retrospective” but here he was again with an evening of his superb images shot over the last year. With reference to the club’s

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Hummingbird Additction

Wakefield CC members spent the evening with Ian Newton as he explained the story behind his Hummingbird Addiction.  Ian is a renowned bird and wildlife photographer and the evening was spent following Ian on many of his trips to Central

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A Lights Night Without a Flash!

On the evening of Monday 8th September John Gardner, club member and professional photographer, gave the latest in his series of Lights Nights. John always brings a model with him and demonstrates different lighting techniques using studio flash which can

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