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City Lights shine brightly

On the evening of 29th October a large audience of members were present at a fascinating talk by Dave Butcher entitled “City Lights”. Dave is one of what is nowadays a rare brand of photographers using exclusively film – indeed

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A Wakefield Weekend in Wales (well Anglesey)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go on the Anglesey trip but here’s a report from Steve Wood (who seems to have organised it brilliantly) and some images in a gallery at the bottom. On Friday the 5th October, Members of

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Using Filters for Fantastic Photographs

The evening of Monday 18th June saw a fascinating talk by Eddie Ruffell who is managing Director of Lee Filters. As may be expected his talk was about the use of filters in photography and it was very informative. Eddie

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Using The Light

This evening was a purely print night with the presenters Roger and Judith Parry from Smethwick Camera Club using their prints to illustrate the theme “Using the Light”. As might be gathered from the title the lighting of photographic subjects,

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York PS visits us for a return “match”

This was a “return match” of an evening following a visit by some of our members to York Photographic Society. The idea is for clubs to share their ideas about interests, specialities and skills. We took a few members over

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Opportunities Galore

The evening of Monday 23rd April saw Erica Oram journey over from her home in Sheffield to give us an entertaining talk entitled “Seeing Opportunity”. Basically she experiences the same problems as faced by most of us in that there

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Tips, tricks and more from maestro John Gardner

On Monday evening 16th April an eager audience of members at Brookhouse arrived to receive the benefits of John’s skills and expertise. He was hoping to spend the evening on processing techniques. Unfortunately due to his laptop screen being damaged

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A Different View on Reality

On the evening of 5th March a large attendance was entertained by Peter Bayliss from York Camera Club, This is an evening was a “return match” following a visit by some of our members to York PS. The idea is for

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Hidden Gems?

The evening of 22nd January saw a good audience for the talk “Seldom if ever seen” by Keaton Roebuck. As the title implies this was an evening with a difference as Keaton had brought along a large collection of images

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An Essential Evening of Composition

On the evening of Monday 15th January a packed meeting room was treated to a an entertaining and informative evening on the subject of “Composition”. The talk was presented by Chris Upton who is a travel, landscape and social documentary

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