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The evening was black …. and white.

The evening of Monday 18th March saw two representatives from the Yorkshire Monochrome group visit the club to show their work. It is always interesting to see what other clubs do and even more so when it is a “specialist”

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City Lights shine brightly

On the evening of 29th October a large audience of members were present at a fascinating talk by Dave Butcher entitled “City Lights”. Dave is one of what is nowadays a rare brand of photographers using exclusively film – indeed

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On The Street

The evening of the 24 the September saw a very large audience entertained by Karen Rangely who is an enthusiast for street photography. She started by explaining that, after reviewing her images, she can see how her street photography has

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Black and White Decisions this month

It’s the end of the month and the judging of another online competition has been completed. The subject for August was “Monochrome” and it gave everyone an opportunity to have a go at interpreting and conveying a subject in just

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Colour is in short supply

It’s getting near the end of the month so it must be another online competition judging time. The subject for August was “Monochrome” and it gave everyone an opportunity to have a go at interpreting and conveying a subject in

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Colour in a mono world

The evening of Monday 23rd July saw a presentation by Dave Burgess entitled Colour in a Mono World, which was his personal view of a period when the prevailing thought was that black and white was “good” and colour was

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A Welcome Return For Richard Egan

The evening of 9th October saw a large audience provide a very welcome return to the club for Richard Egan. Richard has been a photographer for 35 years and has photographed most things although he finds nature one of the

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Get it in black and white

On the evening of Monday 8th May members of the camera club were treated to a talk on The Creative Power of Monochrome by Simon Watkinson. Simon is an internationally renowned photographer Simon has had nearly 25 years of experience

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A Monochrome Masterclass

The evening of 18th January saw a talk by Andy Beel FRPS, which was focussed purely on black and white prints, attended by over 50 people. Andy’s work is almost all monochrome in it’s various guises and he was giving

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