Wednesday Workshops – Informal Camera Training Evenings

Do you have an interest in Photography but are confused by modern cameras and the technology in them or do you just want to know how to take more creative control?

Whatever, you question you will be made most welcome at the Wakefield Camaera Club Wednesday Workshops. See the attached flyer for more information.

Wakefield Camera Club Training Session Flyer

One comment on “Wednesday Workshops – Informal Camera Training Evenings
  1. Keith Sayles says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to express my learning needs in respect of digital photography. I find using my digital camera complicated and at times frustrating because of my lack of understanding of camera settings – digital format – and digital technology. For example shooting JPEGs -V- shooting Raw. This is an area of which I have very little knowledge & understanding.
    White light Balance is also an area that I need to understand and master.
    I have attended two camera clubs during the past twelve months to try to develop my skills but in each case I have learnt very little in the understanding of technical settings of the camera. Most activity focused on projects to photograph certain topics – which whilst good from a subject matter did not help you to learn how to set up the camera to avoid technical issues such as failing to obtain a good white image when shooting a white subject during a warm mid evening when the colour temp creates very warm tones etc. Obviously members who had a good grasp of digital photography adjusted their cameras as a matter of course because they knew how to deal with the issue of warm light etc. So that’s basically where I am – I want to learn much more about camera settings in respect of digital technology.
    Having done photography in the past I have a reasonable grasp and understanding of composition. It’s the technical side and camera settings that I need help with. Kind Regards

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