Welcome to Wakefield Camera Club. We are a long-established, thriving and friendly club, meeting most weeks. Meetings are always open to non-members so if you’re interested in photography why not come along. Details of the next meeting are below the images.
Winners of the Annual Digital Projected Image Competition

Our next meeting is on Monday 22nd October 2018 – Auction Night – Following previous highly successful and entertaining auction nights, this evening sees another chance for everyone to clear out their attics and drawers of all the gear they don’t want anymore (and make a little money if they want). It’s also a great night to pick up a bargain as many have done in the past. Items include tripods, books, lenses, cases, flash guns, storage devices – you name it, it’s there. One year someone bought a full frame Nikon DSLR and lenses. It doesn’t even have to be photography gear; one member bagged a bargain of a really good bicycle. Bring anything down and be prepared to buy anything! You can set a reserve price on the items you are selling if you want or just take whatever it makes (less a little for the club). You can even donate the item to the club so all the money for the item goes to the club. Just makes sure the auctioneer knows what you want. The auctioneer this year is Peter Wells so it should be a really entertaining evening with lots of lots varying from the serious to the laughable. Everything has to go so bring plenty of cash with you (and space in the car to take home all your purchases!).

Brook House Club
221 Barnsley Road

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