The January Online competition images for the set subject of The Journey are now available for you to review ahead of the judging. Have a look to pick your winner- will the judge agree with you?

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Members and guests were all aboard for a trip around the Peak District courtesy of guest speaker Graham Dunn. Having originally trained at medical school, Graham changed direction from a career in surgery to one behind the camera. Currently based in Sheffield, he has been a full-time photographer since 2006. Graham has a great passion for landscape photography and enjoys photographing throughout the UK. Areas of special interest include The Peak District and North Norfolk. Whilst generally striving to recreate scenes as they were seen by the naked eye – in the right conditions nature needs little assistance to reveal its beauty – Graham also enjoys creatively interpreting the landscape with the use of, for example, long exposure and/or infrared techniques. The wonderful landscape images were very cleverly presented by reference to a map of the Peak District following the distinctly different areas of the Dark Peak, White Peak and South West Peak. Each image was accompanied by a knowledgable …

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Charlotte Graham was welcomed by Wakefield Camera Club this week to present ‘A Celebration  – A Year in Photographs’, a year which will see her visit nearly 30 camera clubs. It took only minutes to understand why she is in such huge demand! The images were fantastic, the stories behind every image enthralling and the passion for her work endless. ‘Charlotte Graham is a professional photographer based in the north of England. Her unique combination of technical and creative photographic talent combined with a desire to create the very best image possible from any scenario makes her in demand with both international press and businesses alike.’ Charlotte related the life of a press photographer, which whilst not all glamour, it seems you do get to meet fantastic people (well, some of the time), with access to events and locations second to none. As Charlotte explained, ‘everyone in the press pen gets the same image, I like to get something different’, …

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Wakefield Camera Club welcomed Natasha to our opening meeting of 2020 and we could not have had a better start to the year! Natasha was early to the venue and was set up in good time which allowed her to go round the room and have a brief personal introduction to our members before the start of the evening. A very nice touch which we later learnt was part of Natasha’s ‘Nice to Meet You’ collaborative approach aimed at putting photographers at ease. Natasha’s presentation of the ‘The Collaborative Approach’ was excellent, an insightful talk about the importance of teamwork which Natasha knows is vital, whenever a photographer works with a model, in order to achieve the best results. Natasha’s own unique experience as a freelance and commercial model, and as a photographer and educator, makes her especially qualified to explain what it takes to create powerful, arresting, and Award Winning images of models, from Fashion, to Fine Art Nude. …

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The December online competition is judged from the thirty three images that were the top three images in the first eleven months of the year. The judge this year was Les Forrester. Comments and Results The club and its members presented me with a wide variation of images to view, After viewing all the them several times It was a difficult choice to narrow these down. Eventually I reduced them to just ten images. After several more viewings the final seven were chosen, it was a tough choice but final placings are; First Place Kestrel – Just a wonderful image that I think works ever so well. I love the composition, everything is sharp where it needs to be, I found it hard to find fault. Every time I looked at this images it alway stood out, congratulations. Second Place Nothing Stirred – The colours and the symmetry work superbly well even tough there is a chair or two out …

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RPS Distinctions Advisory days are educational events and provide an opportunity for anyone working towards a Distinction to receive informed advice from Assessors of the appropriate Distinctions Panel. You will see successful submissions and have the opportunity to receive comments on your own work, and to hear comments on work by others attending throughout the day. Many attend initially as observers to begin to understand what is required, and the differences between the different Genres and Levels. There were 6 LRPS panels submitted with 2 ARPS panels. Advisers for the day were Robert Helliwell ARPS and Nigel Plant ARPS AFIAP DPAGB. Unfortunately, there was a smaller than usual turn out owing to a couple of cancellations. All the panels were appraised by the advisers and each of the photographers were provided with very useful pointers to help them prepare their panel for adjudication to the RPS. There are three RPS Advisory Days scheduled to be hosted by Wakefield Camera Club …

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